About Me

About ten years ago Heather Riley started mixing media into her paintings. She was painting mostly in acrylic at that time, adding plaster and found paper into her work.

After entering the Post Baccalaureate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011, Riley returned to painting in both oil and acrylic, continuing to add mixed media to her paintings. She collects material from everywhere in her every day experience; from the street, from her friends, the photographs she takes, her drawings and prints, the news, old books, magazines — all of this eventually finds it’s way into the work.

Riley has a strong connection to everyday objects. She believes they allow her to connect to the world, the work and the viewer. Recently she has become interested in found wood. Themes in her work include interaction, dichotomies, perception, change and environments, humor, and beauty.

Heather Riley lives and works in Philadelphia and is a collective member of the 3rd Street Gallery.